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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Yea, Friday!!!!! :)

I am so glad that it is almost Friday, yeah!! Patrick and I are going to Burleson when I get off work tomorrow. We are going to babysit so John and Jenny can go out for their anniversary. I'm excited, because we haven't seen them in nearly a month, OH it has been a month. WOW. Time really goes by.
I will get to go with the kids to their swimming lessons on Saturday, as hot as it's been I'll probably want to get with them. Ha Ha

And can you believe it that next week is the last week of June. Another END OF MONTH at work. They come around way to often. Before we know it, it will be December, and then a whole new year.

Well, better get off here until probably Monday, since I'll be away I won't be blogging, take care and God Bless!!!


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