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Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Do you ever fill like you just want to go to bed and sleep the day away? I think I could. I guess I'm just tired, so you say go to bed early and get some rest........well, I would but I can't go to sleep, toss and turn, toss and turn. Oh Well!!!!
On a happier note, Patrick and I went to Burleson this past week-end and had a good visit. Didn't really do much but just seeing John, Jenny, and the kids is always GREAT. Lacye had me laughing with a story she was telling me, and I guess it was about a puppet show they had at school. She was so funny telling it. (Had to have been there). And Johnnie is getting to be such a big boy and going to the bathroom now. It's been only a couple of days and I already miss them. :(

On our way home on Hwy 294 about 10 miles from Alto we saw about 8 or 10 wild hogs. They were pretty big too. Usually we might see some deer along the side of the road, but not this time. I bet my nephew Brian would like to have seen them, he likes to hog hunt.

I guess we will see who America votes off the American Idol show tomorrow night. Any guesses?????
Randy and Paula liked nearly all of the songs, but of course Simon didn't. Is he for REAL? Or does he just do that for the show, so the others down him for it..........Oh well, at least it's entertaining!!

And oh my gosh, I can hardly wait to see Lost tomorrow night. It is really getting good, now that the season is almost over. Suspense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Better get off here for now, I've rattled on enough. Till next time. :)


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