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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Trying to stay Young

Well, I guess we would all like to stay young or at least young looking, Right???
Well, I ran into an acquaintance a couple of weeks ago, and needles to say she didn't recognize me. Of course since I saw her last I cut my hair and let the color grow out. Like gray!!!! She made the remark to me that she didn't realize it was me that I had gotten OLD!!What!? Well I decided it was time to take action, so I did. Yes, I colored my hair back to my natural color, auburn. Lets see if you can tell if it subtracted years from me or not. All my co-workers said it looked good. Even the guys said it was better.

Patrick still has gout, poor thing, I feel so sorry for him but I don't know what else to do. He's taking the medicine the doctor gave him and keeping it up on pillows. Tomorrow he goes back to the doctor for his nose check-up. Hopefully it will be fine. I am just ready for him to be well.

Well, it's late as usual so got to go.
Till next time.


  • At 11:29 AM , Blogger Rock Clmbr said...

    I think you look 10 years younger - at least!!!! You look great!

  • At 4:32 AM , Blogger Teena said...

    Luv the new colour :)

  • At 5:35 AM , Blogger Tracy said...

    I think you look great both ways...but I do like the auburn color.

  • At 9:45 PM , Blogger 4angels said...

    Thanks, I've gotten a lot of good compliments on it. I'm glad I decided to do it.

  • At 11:22 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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