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Monday, May 01, 2006

FIRE in Nac.......................

Sunday morning a passing motorist noticed alot of smoke off the west loop in Nacogdoche. Yep, Jitterbugs was completely destroyed. They don't know how it started or why. The whole front page of the Monday's paper was about the club burning. At least no one was hurt and it was after hours when it burned.
The owners Robert and Bubba Y'Barbo don't know if they will try to rebuild it or not. Oh, well that looks like the smaller clubs, Sports Shack, Bull Frogs ,and the Electric Cowboy will be over filled.

On another note, our week-end went good I guess, Patrick went with the Church Saturday morning on Bless a Block, that is where they pick a house and mow their grass and rake leaves, etc. Most times they do several houses, but it had been raining and chances of more rain so they just did one house. I need them to do mine!!

And yes, I went in on Sunday afternoon to work to do End of Month, I'm so glad it's over with another month.
It took us nearly 3 hours, so we would have had to go in at 6:00am if we had waited until Monday morning to do it. Yuck!!! I'm not a morning person!!!:(

We did have a singing at our church on Sunday nite that we went too. That was pretty cool. We didn't make the one on Saturday night at Pollok.

I'm excited about Tuesday night and American Idol, I think I'm hooked.......... should be interesting it's getting down to the nitty griddy. Maybe Paris will be going this week, or Elliott. Just have to wait and see.

Hope everyone has a Blessed week!!!!!!!!!!!


  • At 9:37 AM , Blogger KMAN said...

    Good bye, Jitterbugs! I can't say that I'll miss you!


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