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Wednesday, June 27, 2007


We went on vacation to Branson and had a GREAT time. We really didn't do much, we went to three shows that were pretty good, and then we just kinda' shopped and drove around on the main road and took pictures of some of the interesting buildings. The shows we saw were the Presleys, NO it has nothing to do with Elvis, it's a family with the last name of Presley and they do a show with singing and a couple of them are the funny ones. Patrick got autographs and pictures with some of them. We also went to a magic show, and it's amazing how they do things that look so real. Wow, sawing a woman into, actually it was two women and then they put the leg part back on the opposite woman...
Explain that one. We stayed in a Condo, was nice, Patrick stayed in the pool alot if we were at the condo and not running around. We were right across the street from the Winery, which had free tours. Yes we took the tour, TWICE. You get to taste the wine on the tour, and they explain about each flavor you taste. Yummmmmmmmm
Here are some pictures I took.

We were there a week and then of course we had to come home and I had to go back to work. Which is always so cheerful.
But then that's another blog..... DRAMA at AT&T


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