My life in a small town

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Well, it's been a while. With having a MySpace now, it's hard to remember to come on here and blog too. Everything is going good, I guess. We had a friend get killed in an 18 wheeler accident. He drove a truck for his job, and apparently fell asleep at the wheel. We had a memorial service for him on Friday evening, and then he was buried in Camden just below Corrigan. He went to Church with us and was a special friend, especially to Patrick.

Guess we will be going on vacation next week with my sister, brother-in-law and brother. We are going to Branson, Missouri. We went up there a few years ago, and we had fun. So I am really looking forward to going and getting away from work and Nac of No Where.

Speaking of work, boy, did we have drama today. I thought we were going to have to call the police!!! We had a customer come in and wanted to do an upgrade on her phone, which she was not eligible at this time. She brought her boyfriend, and her sister and mother showed up also. The account was actually in the mother's name, so she was the only one really who could sign the contract and everything if the daughter was eligible. Any ways the boyfriend started to ask a bunch of questions and the salesperson, which happened to be Reagan, told him if he would just listen he was explaining to them what was going on. The boyfriend got his drawers in a wad and started talking ugly to Reagan using the "F" word. So the girlfriend tells him to leave and we thought he was gone, But he came back. He got up in Reagan's face and telling him he shouldn't be talking to him like he was stupid, and thought Reagan needed to apologize, so Reagan didn't back down, he took off his glasses and told the boy to take it outside. The boy called Reagan a 60 year old man that had to work at a low type job. First Reagan isn't 60. And he is actually the store manager.
Well, they took it outside, and we thought we were going to call the police, but Susan went out and convinced Reagan to just come back into the store. The mother finally got the daughter to get her boyfriend in the car and leave. Whew!!!!!!
Then the mother tells Susan and me that she can't stand the guy but her daughter has been dating him for a while and she sure hopes they don't get married. That he is always acting that way. That was the only excitement we had today, but that was enough. Maybe tomorrow will be calmer.

Well, that's all for now. I'll try not to wait so long next time.
And that's life in a small town.


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