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Thursday, April 05, 2007

This was NO April Fools Joke

Today I took Patrick back to the doctor (ear, nose, and throat specialist)for a follow up on his staph infection in his nose. He asked if we had a regular doctor and I told him we did, he said maybe we needed to go back to him, because he didn't know what else he could do for us??????? Then he said there was one more medicine he could prescribe but it cost $1005.00 for basically 20 pills. MUST BE SOME REALLY GOOD PILLS. I told him I couldn't afford that kind of price. So he checked Patrick's records and said well he's on Medicaid,and I told him his card was already full for this month, since he is only allowed 3 prescriptions each month, and he already takes 4 prescriptions each month, which means I have to pay for one every month. So he said that he would write out the prescription and we could try to fill it the first prescription of May, if Medicaid will pay for it. He said the only other solution would be for Patrick to be put in the hospital for 10 days with an I-V hooked up to him with medicine. What choices!!!!!!

Seems like there is alway something trying to pull you down, but I guess if we look around at other people we can always find some one worst than we are.

So on a cheerier note, my kids and grandkids are coming in tomorrow for the week-end and will be here to celebrate Easter. Not the traditional Ham and trimmings dinner, but my special enchiladas. And my friend and her husband and son are coming over too, so the kids will color the easter eggs and then we will hide them so they can have an easter egg hunt. It's going to be so much fun. Of course it's suppose to be rainy and cold. We may have to hide them in the house, but that's ok, the kids are little, ages 7, 4 and 2,so it will still be fun.

Thank God it is Friday tomorrow, it seems like this week has been so long.I am ready for the week-end.
Hopefully I will have pictures to post after the week-end of the kids and their egg hunt and coloring the eggs. So I'll post again later.

And that's life in a small town


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