My life in a small town

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Well I only have a few minutes, I'm on my way to take Patrick back to the doctor. Seems we are always going to the doctors. Either him or me!!!! Oh, well, today we are just checking on his weight loss. Yes, we are on a diet. And it is really HARD. But it didn't go on over night and it's not going to go away over night, darn!!!

On another note, our boss is going out of town on Thursday, my Birthday, (what a present)LOL and he is going to be gone for nearly two weeks. He and his wife are going with a group of elderly couples and singles to Italy. WOW, jealous??????????
It should be interesting around the store.

I think some of us from my work are going out to Harlan's on Friday night to celebrate my birthday, they have buffet and karaoke. Could be alot of fun!!#@%*@#

And then again I may have to work on Saturday, the new greeter, Krista, is suppose to work but she got a call yesterday that a close friend of hers' died, so the memorial is suppose to be this week-end in Austin. So who knows if she will be at work or not. And Eileen, our regular greeter is going to be out of town this week-end too, she has been working on Saturdays. So there you have it. But on the bright side it will give me overtime, which is always nice....heheee

Well, it's time to go, so till next time

That's life in a small town....


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