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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Always DRAMA

At my work there is always some kind of drama going on, it's like watching "The Days of our Lives, at Branch-Patton Cingular". This morning Bonnie was late again (nothing new)and after she gets clocked in and everthing, she starts asking everyone if they have heard the rumor, and that's all it is, that her and Juan (another salesperson) have been dating and kissing and etc. Of course Juan is there today too, and he says he hasn't heard anyone say anything about it. Now Josh, was asking Juan about it, says someone asked him about it, but Josh won't tell who started the rumor!! The only story I heard was that Bonnie was at the "Cowboy" in Lufkin one night and she sees Juan across the room still in his work shirt. She said she went over and spoke to him but that was all, she was there with a group of people. So I guess that is where that rumor got started.

I sit in back of the office, and the desk that is in front of me is an extra desk, in case we have a full staff then it is used. Some times some of the salespersons will sit there and turn around and talk to me. One thing our boss, Bill, doesn't like is for some one to sit there and talk to me. He thinks I can't get my work done. Hello!! I haven't NOT gotten it done yet. So he wrote a note to Susan one of my co-workers who sits in back also and does paper work, asking her what she thought about putting a 3' divider in front of my desk, so no one could talk to me. What a JOKE.
I told Susan to tell him sure, I will be coming in late tomorrow so have some one to put it up before I get there. It will block my view from the customers coming in the front door, so I will have an excuse NOT to get up and wait on them. I can keep doing my work.....LOL I told my co-workers (who by the way stand around and talk to each other all the time) that I will just start taking my breaks and come up front to their desk and talk to them. Even Susan gets to visit, why shouldn't I?????????

Well, now that is off my chest.
Can you believe it SNOW on EASTER......It was wild, we had an egg hunt in the house because it was to cold and snowy outside. The kids had a good time looking for them.
My son and his family came in and we had some friends and their son over for dinner and egg hunt. It was a good time all around.
We played some games, I never used to like to play table games that much, but now that I have been playing lately, I think I am enjoying it. Guess I just didn't know what I was missing. A lot of laughing and cutting up.
I took a few pictures of the snow and the kids after they painted the eggs, I'll see if I can put a couple on here. There was some trees that got covered with the snow that looked just breath taking I will try to put that one on here. So here goes!!!


  • At 6:56 PM , Blogger Rock Clmbr said...

    Yes, the meal and company was wonderful! AS for the days of our lives saga, Jason told me that Juan told him that he and bonnie had gotten it on. When I asked bonnie because I was aghast at the prospect, she said NO!!! Then I guess she decided to tell everyone about it. But don't tell anyone what I know. I don't want to be in the middle of anything! Luv Ya!


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