My life in a small town

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

So far behind......

Ok, there was a few things I wanted to blog about, but now they are kinda' old. Oh, well, guess I will still blog about them.

One of our friends from our church got killed May 14th, I know that has been a little while ago, but I wanted to post a memorial for him. Patrick was pretty close to him, and he still talks about how they did their hand shake and thats how they bonded. And how Toney was his friend. He was 47 years old and had his whole life ahead of him, but I guess it was time for him to go home to Heaven. We just never know when it's our time to be called home. So I just pray that every one prepares themselves and is ready and lives as though today may be our last.

This is a picture of Patrick and Toney after one of the Strength Team Events. Toney had joined the Strength Team and really enjoyed it. Here is another picture with different poses of him.

He will be truly missed.
And that's part of the life in a small town.


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