My life in a small town

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Ok, I'm here!!

Well, like everyone else I switched over to the NEW blogger. So far it looks the same. Just that now I have to sign in through Google! Oh, well, maybe it will download faster and work better than the other one.

Last week from Wednesday through Sunday night we were out at the Nac Expo Center. Our church got together with several other churches in Nac and got the Strength Team to come to our town and visit. Patrick was in Heaven!!! He loves those guys, and we got to get their autographs and took some pictures. I will try to put some on here to share. The Strength Team also goes into schools and does assemblies, teaching the students about integrity, hope and goals for their lives.
The second main cause of death in teenagers today is suicide. And they do feats of strength, and talk to everyone about how they turned their lives around, and so can everyone else.

So let me see if I can get some pictures on here.

Alright then, update on Patrick's Sleep study.....He does not have sleepapnea but he does have sleep restlessness. And now we are waiting to hear the results of a nose culture they did last Thursday. He has had some kind of infection in his nose for a long time. Hopefully they will find out what kind and give us some medicine to cure it.

Well, guess that's about all I have for right now.
So till next time That's life in a small town.


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