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Saturday, February 17, 2007

HEY, I'm BACK!!!

I know it's been a long, long time since I have blogged. So let me see what I am going to talk about.

Last Wednesday was Valentines' Day.........So Happy Valentines' Day a little late.

Patrick and I didn't celebrate, he had to go to the hospital and have a sleep study done. I went with him and stayed for a little while, and then went home. There was a male nurse that monitored him thru the night. Here are some pictures of him when he got hooked up with all the wires. He did fine, just couldn't get comfortable, so it took him a while to go to sleep. We should know the results some time next week. Will keep everyone posted!!

Last night some of us from work went out to Harlen's BBQ resturant. We had buffet and then they had music. They also had karoke, but none of us got up there to sing. There were plenty of others that did and MAN they could not sing......... Of course the place got packed pretty quick, so it got really noisy. And of course as many people as there was, and alot of them smoking it got really smoky in there too, so I didn't stay as long as some of the younger ones. Josh brought his camera and took some pictures so I will try to post some on here.

Well will try to blog again sooner than the last time.


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