My life in a small town

Sunday, July 16, 2006

New sites

Well, It really amazes me how in the big city they can have a new building up in no time. Here in Nac it takes forever.Example they have been building a Starbucks coffee shop for months now and this is the way it looks now, still nothing on the inside just the walls and doors.

Some one said it all depends on who the contractors are, well I guess we have slow ones!!!!

Not much going on around here, it's too hot to go outside so it's to work and home. And just stay in the A/C. Work isn't the greatest right now, but who knows things can be looking up for us. Rumor has it that the manager has sent his resumes out to other prospects, so maybe, just maybe he will be leaving us and terrorizing some other poor souls. Oh, yeah our manager throws fits and anything else he has in his hands. Doesn't matter if there are customers in the store or for that matter at his desk. And the Boss just looks the other way and says "that's just how he is". NOT!!

Well, guess I better get off my soap box and sign off for now. Will try to blog again sooner than before, Really!!!!

That's life in a small town...


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