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Friday, December 29, 2006


Well, Patrick told me I could go out tonight. Wow, wasn't that great . Of course he was going to watch wrestling, He has to watch his wrestling. LOL

Any ways I was just going to go shopping for some new pants (mine are all getting too big) YEA!
So Eileen asked me what I was going to do and I told her shopping, but I didn't have too. So we decided to go out and have a girls night out. It was so fun!!

First we went to Mr. Will's, he now has a bar (club) what ever you want to call it. So we went in to it and we ordered some appetitizers, and a drink. It has been so long since I have gone out like that I had no idea what to order. Eileen helped me by ordering something called a buttery nipple. Yumm, it was pretty good. I consist of butterscotch schnapps and baileys Irish cream. They had a band playing and it was so loud in such a small area, that you could hardly understand what they were saying. After a while we decided to leave there and go to Chilies' and have a drink there. At least you could hear your self talk. And we met a cute bartender, of course he was of college age.

All in all I had a good time. Poor Eileen has to get up and go to work in the morning. Luckily I don't have too. But I need to go in some time tomorrow and get some of my work done before Susan and I have to do End of Month closing on Monday. It's hard to believe that it is almost an other year gone. And 2007 is almost here. Wow, time sure seems to go too fast.

Well guess I better get off here for now, and will try to blog again later.
And that's life in a small town......


  • At 1:11 PM , Blogger KMAN said...

    Cool! Sounds like you guys had fun! Too bad Jitterbugs burned down. LOL

  • At 8:57 PM , Blogger Jenny said...

    That's sounds like fun. I wish I could have gone.


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