My life in a small town

Saturday, January 06, 2007

I'm Behind

Well, here I sit at work, all the bosses are gone so maybe I can blog.
Not much going on with me,. We had a good Christmas and a Quiet New Year's!!!!

Susan and I had to work a few hours on Jan 1st, to do End of Month for December. And of course it was also End of Year!! Can you believe it, another year is here already. WOW!!!!!!

So now I guess I will concentrate on cleaning my house and going through things I don't need and getting rid of them. Surprised?? Me who keeps everything. Well, I decided it was time to start weeding out everything.

Patrick got a new Playstation 2 for Christmas and he really enjoys it, he's playing games even more than he did before.

Guess I better get back to work, if you are wondering why I am at work on a Saturday, well I was sick on Tuesday, so I thought I should make up my hours plus I am way behind in my work. so I am trying to get caught up. Yeah, Right!!!!!!!!

Well, that's life in a small town....


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