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Saturday, December 16, 2006



At this time of year, or even any time, be careful if you have a credit card or bank acct. I have heard from people at work that there are scams going around about people trying to steal your information.

WELL, I think it has happened to ME.

Let me explain, yesterday when I checked my e-mail, I saw that I had mail from one of my credit card companys. It said that some one had tried to go into my acct. from a different IP, which looked suspicous, and wanted me to go to a link they provided, and change my password and update my information. Well, after hearing about the fraud before, I called my credit card company. They of course asked me all my information to confirm who I was. And then told me that my account was fine.
The lady then told me to forward her the email that I recieved to the fraud department.

WOW, was I glad that I called in, before I started putting all my information in that so called update. SOME ONE WANTED TO BE scarry is that!!!

And that's life in a small town.


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