My life in a small town

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Feeling better

Well, today I did a lot better. My mouth did not bother me at all today. Yeah!!!
I was really surprised, I thought it would still be hurting, since the dentist gave me pain pills. Guess I was just Blessed. Thank you Lord.

It rained here most ALL day, and it made it a little cooler. That was nice. It has been so hot lately, but I guess it has been hot everywhere. My friends in California tell me it's hotter there than it's ever been. And they have the humidity just like we do here. That's a surprise!! Hopefully it will rain again tomorrow, my yard really needs it. And maybe the weather will stay a little cooler for a few days. My electric bill is killing me. UGH

I hope everyone has a Blessed Thursday, it's almost TGIF, Yahoo!!!

More later, not much going on in this small town.


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