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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

OK aready

Well, I have been wanting to get back on here for some time now. We had some excitement at my work last week, and I just wanted to share.

We had a young man come in and one of the salespersons was waiting on him, when he said he needed to go outside for a minute. We looked out side and saw that there were two police cars in our parking lot, and they were looking in the guys car. He had two other guys sitting in the car waiting on him. The police searched the car, had the other guys get out of the car and they searched all three of them. Then another police car pulled up. WOW, we're thinking "what is going on". They were out there for a while. Finally the young man came back in and told us that the police had followed them from the pawn shop, where they had tried to pawn a rifle. The rifle was registered. One of the guys had just finished smoking a dubbie, and the other guy apparently stuck some dope in his mouth so the police wouldn't find it. They ended up taking the one smoking to jail, he was only going to have to stay for about 4 hours.
While we were waiting I took some pictures with my phone. They came out pretty good. we have some snowflakes on the windows so it was a little hard to get real good ones. Here they are:


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