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Friday, July 18, 2008


Hello, you probably was not expecting me this soon, uh?? Just sitting here at work and thought I would catch some of you up on the news at my work.
First we had two sales persons stealing from the company...just over a few months they had stolen around $10,000.00 dollars of merchandise. Yeah, they got caught and had to pay back the money or go to jail, so they paid back the money. I know, our boss is really being good because he didn't have them put in jail.

So we lost two sales persons in our one location which made it difficult, because we had to send sales persons from some of our other locations to cover. A-N-D then we had one of our sales persons not come to work, oh, he called in said he had food poisoning, that was the first day he missed. Then he didn't come in or call, so we assumed he quit. That makes us even more short on sales persons. Well, one of the two sales persons that is usually at my store calls in and says her grandfather has had a heart attach and she has to go to Mexico. So she calls in a couple of days and the last time she called in she was on her way back home. So we think she will be back to work the next day, right? NOT....and we haven't heard from her yet. She text ed one of the sales persons and told him she was in Shreveport, and she was joining the Army next week. Well, a couple of us knew she was thinking about joining the Army but not this soon. Wow, who next. Our sales persons are getting less and less. And our boss isn't sure what is going to happen to our business so he is not hiring any more sales persons yet. Pretty scary, not knowing if we are going to have a job or not.

Well, guess I better get off here for now, will be back soon.
And that's what is happening in a small town...


  • At 12:29 PM , Blogger KMAN said...

    Wow, I was thinking I should move down there and get a sales job with you until I read that last part.
    Surely he'd sell the stores and not just close them.
    Time will tell.


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