My life in a small town

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Well, surprise, I'm finally going to blog.
Let's see our life lately has been going to the doctors. Patrick has had a kidney infection and still fighting with his nose. He went back to the doctor today and the infection is supposedly cleared up, Thank you Jesus!!!!! Since he only has one kidney I get kinda' nervous when there is a problem. So he is suppose to drink lots of fluids.
I had to go for my weight check up and unfortunately I didn't loose any weight. I have started walking in the evenings, and one of my knees is giving me problems, so I told the doctor about it and he had it x-rayed to find the cushion between the bones is slowly disappearing. So he changed my arthritis medicine, so maybe the pain won't be so bad. I also finally went for my female check-up. And of course since I am getting older he wants me to take a few more test, like mammogram, colon scope, and bone density. Wow it's rough getting old. LOL

This past week-end we went up to John and Jenny's and on Sunday we went to a lake where you can feed the fish and ducks. So we took bread and crackers to feed them and the kids had fun. I took some pictures and a couple of videos which I will try to put on here. It was really wild how the fish would just pile up on each other trying to get the food. And the ducks would walk right on top of the fish trying to get them something to eat. So after we ran out of bread and crackers John and Lacye tried to touch the fish, or John tried to grab one by the tail. The fish were too fast. It was quite funny. So now for the pictures and videos.

Well, couldn't get the video to down load, will try later and see if I can get it. Until then that is life in a small town......


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