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Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter Week-end

Well, the family got together at my house this year for Easter dinner and the Easter egg hunt. Although we celebrated it on Saturday, gave us more time to spend together. I think everyone had a good time and got to visit with other family members that we haven't gotten to see for awhile. IT WAS GOOD!!!!!!

We had way too much food. Patrick and I are still eating it. But it was delicious. I think it's DIET time now.
The only thing is, found some of the cherry cordial kisses at Wal-Mart and bought them, so I guess the diet will have to wait. HaHa

I take Patrick to the doctor on Wednesday, I can hardly wait, so the doctor can tell him his nose is better. He doesn't believe me. But I'm sure it is!!!!!

Well, I know this isn't much and not to interesting this time, will try to find something better next time.
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Good Nite :)


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