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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Vacation Over----Back to the Grind!

Well, my friend Beverly went back home. Her flight was Monday evening at 6:37pm,
but was delayed, then she had a lay over in Denver, but they forgot to tell her it was
for 14 or 15 hours. She finally made it back to California today, Tuesday, at 2pm.
Next time get a straight through flight.

It was nice having a few days off, although didn't do much. Went to the Reunion Tower
down town Dallas and viewed everything from the top of the Dome while it rotated. WOW!

And of course back to work today, yuck. Same ole, same ole. But at least some of my work
was done, and not stacked up for me. Yeah.
It's late so guess I'll blog more later.
Good Nite.


  • At 7:20 AM , Blogger Jenny said...

    I'll bet that was a surprise when she saw what day she was getting back. LOL!! Oh well. I guess she'll know what questions to ask next time. It only has to happen one time.

  • At 2:13 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Hello, 'other' grandma here.

    The last time I saw such confusion on a travel itenerary, the airlines had bumped my then 6 year old son to a different flight from my husband, daughter and myself for the return flight from Hawaii. Needless to say, they found a seat for him right away when they realized I meant for them to watch him until the 5 PM departure time of the flight they decided to put him on. Of course they assured me the travel agent made a mistake setting up the airline reservations. I can assure you, I look nothing like any travel agent, and received no commission fee for making those reservations. But I do know what I'm doing when I make reservations, its part of my duties at work.

    And then there was the time we were flying home from Spokane and the same mysterious travel agent put my children (both of them) on a different flights back to El Paso than my husband and myself. Those poor unsuspecting flight attendants in Spokane had no burning desire to watch my sweet, lovable children for the 15 hours difference between our flights.

    I do know what I was doing when I made the reservations and requested 4 seats on each leg of the journies by specific flight number. It is not my fault some greedy travel agent decided it wasn't important to keep children and parents on the same flight. It's not like they decided to split up the adults to accomodate having one with each child.

    I can co-miserate with your friend traveling to California, just be glad she wasn't traveling with children under age 10.


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