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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Ok, so I watched some TV tonight...............

Nothing was on tv so I watched American Idol, ah...... it was ok, some pretty good music and still alot of contestants to choose from!!!! I liked Chris Daughtry, Kevin Covais, Elloit Yamin, Ace Young(****) and Kellie Pickler(kinda blond) but she sang good tonight. Now I have to wait till tomorrow nite to find out what the votes were. But it's on the same time as "Lost", so guess I will have to tape them to be able to watch them both.

And after watching American Idol I was flipping the channels and found another show called Nasville Star,
which was exactly like American Idol, except these singers were singing country songs. And they were good too. And people vote for them also but you have to wait a whole week for the results. OH WELL, I hope I can remember to watch next week. LOL

Thanks to all who were praying for my brother-in-law, Gaylon, he is doing alot better. He moved to a regular room today, and they removed most of his tubes, and he is eating and breathing alot better. Maybe he will get to come home by the end of the week or aleast the first of next week.

Again thanks!!!!!
Well, till next time.


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