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Friday, March 24, 2006

Wild Friday nite out..................

Wow, today I got invited out for dinner and a play, pretty cool.
Some ladies from church were getting together and called me to join them.
We ate at the Union Cafe, been open a couple of months, and of couse I had
fried shrimp(and they were huge), and GOOD.

After we ate we went to the Lamp-Lite Theater where we watched a musical.
It was called "Pump Boys and Dinettes" it was about guys who had a gas station on
Highway 57 and a diner across the street called the Double Cupp Diner. It was a
popular musical that played in Branson for years and across the country. It was
pretty funny too. One of the guys in it goes to our church sometimes. He was our
choir director at one time. They did a good job.

Now an update on Gaylon, my brother-in-law, he got to go home today from Houston.
Had to get some medicines and go to the family doctor on Monday for some lab work, but
seems to be doing good. Thank you Lord.
Rosie sure was ready to come home too.

Well it's late as usual, so guess I'll get off here for now.
God Bless and good-nite


  • At 4:29 PM , Anonymous Trish said...

    I sure am glad to hear Uncle Gaylon is home and doing well. Lori has kept me updated BUT I hadnt heard from her since he has been home. Your night out sounds like a blast. I am hoping to get out of the house someday, not complaining BUT 4 males and me being the only female will drive ya crazy. take care love and miss ya


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