My life in a small town

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Ok, so I'm finally blogging!!
Last week-end we went up to Burleson to celebrate my grandson's 4th birthday. He was so excited because he was having his party at Chucky Cheese.

He had the cutest cake, too, it had a little dump truck, grader and such. Here let me just show you how cute it was, and he got to take the toys home and play with them.

He was so cute with his friends from school. Here are a couple more of the pictures I took before my camera died.

We stayed until Sunday and then came home. On our way home we go through some county roads, and you some times see wild animals. Coming home we had a BOBCAT run across the road in front of us.

We hadn't gone two far and two COYOTES ran across the road.

Wow, we were really seeing the wild life and of course nearly every time we travel that road we see deer just standing along the side of the road grazing.

This week-end or rather Friday evening we are going to the Nac Fair, that comes around every year. Patrick is excited about riding the rides, I think I will just pass.

Well, that's life in a small town!!!


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